Custom Jig Saw Creation Software - Ideal for Creating Your Own Word Study Lessons

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'th' Jig Saw Puzzle

A freeware jigsaw puzzle based
on the 'th' word family

jigsaw software

Using jig saw creation software you can create your own reading activities as interactive jigsaw puzzle. I was really quite surprised at how much my students loved to do these puzzles esp if they have a hand in creating them.

Phonics Songs
This little magnetic toy
sticks to the fridge &
sings alphabet songs.
My daughter loves it.

Jigsaw puzzle game for Windows
This is the free software that
I used to make the jigsaw puzzle.
You just import any digital
photo, create and play.

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jigsaw puzzle

40 Piece exe - 690Kb
40 Piece zip - 670Kb

10 Piece exe - 696Kb
10 Piece zip - 672Kb

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