Children's Books that reluctant readers will read over and over again.


Here is a collection of children's books that I have had in my classroom library over the years. I have noticed in that time that they are favourites of all kids in the age group but especially the guys that aren't so keen on reading. These children's books offer many experiences that get the kids talking about what is in the book. You need to celebrate the books with them.
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Children's Books

Age Group - 7 & 8 Year Old Boys esp Reluctant Readers

Best Childrens Books
Ripley's Believe It or Not: Expect the Unexpected - OK it is just plain gross but it gets them reading and exploring. My son loved the ' hairiest twins in the world'
Favourite Children's Books

Captain Underpants Boxed Set - Ahhh, toilet humor. Is there any better genre for engaging boys. Funny thing is that there is some very fun pun and plays on words that provide that 'leg up' to the next level. OK, it is not going to get them to 'dramatic irony' but it is a step on the way :)

childrens books

Favorite childrens books

Geronimo Stilton - My sister teaches boys and she recommends this. It is therefore good by nature :)

Goosebumps - OK, yes I'll agree they are all very similar but the lads love them and it gets them reading. Check out a few Goosebumps books then discuss formulaic writing later :)

101 Cool Science Experiments - get the lads reading stuff and deciding which experiments they'd like to try. You might need to but a few ingredients but it gives the lads a real context to read in.

101 Cool Practical Jokes - Yep. OK we've seen most of them before but if you celebrate the tricks and pretend like it is the first time you have ever seen them the kids will be inspired to impress you.

101 Cool Magic Tricks- set them the task of performing a magic show for - you, your family - grandparents - video for YouTube etc.

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